Egle Packauskaite

Congratulations to Eglė for completing her BA in Architecture and co-initiating @la_studio_moon , an architecture-focussed design collective!
We’re so pleased that you’ve continued to collaborate and have gone on to creating inspiring work such as ‘The Institute For The Ghosts of Essex’. We wish you and your collaborator Sarah the best of luck!

See below to read the rest of Eglė’s statement! “Following the completion of the Silver Arts Award programme, I have gone onto studying BA Architecture at University of Greenwich and graduated in 2018. The Arts Award programme was certainly an advantage throughout my degree, particularly when it came to helping with curation of End of Year shows. It also gave me the confidence to initiate endeavours of my own and collaborate with others; something that led to the beginnings of Studio Moon: architecture-focussed design collective run by a fellow Architecture student Sarah Brooke and myself. I am currently working as a designer before continuing my education further in order to pursue a career in architecture, design and research.”

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