Details of the programme

Young Curators is an opportunity for young people who want a new experience and challenge, who are interested in a career in arts, culture, gallery, event management.

Age: 14-19 years

What: The Young Curators programme runs for six months, with a 2 hour session taking place at the Harlow Playhouse/Gibberd Gallery each week. Some extra hours may be required during the creation of an exhibition and for events.

Aim: To provide vocational experience and training for students and offer professional development for young people to extend their art practice and enhance potential career paths. Work towards Silver Arts Award.

Where: Harlow Playhouse/Gibberd Gallery

Download our flyer with further information here:

YC 2019-20 intro letter


To apply, please send us a short statement of interest. Include your name, contact details and the name of your school/place of study. As a guide, the statement should answer these points:

1. Why you are interested in the joining the group.

2. What you hope to learn from being part of the group.

3. What your art interests are.

Please email your statement to Amanda and Nicola,

We will interview applicants and select 12 young people to join the programme. We will either arrange an interview at your school (date to be confirmed) or after school at the Gibberd Gallery.

Interviews will last 10-15 minutes and will be a chance for us to find out more about you. We will follow a fairly formal structure to give you the professional experience of an interview (we think interviews are an important work experience opportunity to offer young people.) However we are very friendly- the interview is nothing to feel worried about!

We would be delighted to hear from you, either with a statement of interest or any questions you may have.

Deadline for applications: Friday 20th September 2019