Young Curators is a Harlow-based Silver Arts Award project for 14-19 year olds. We work with The Gibberd Gallery, Harlow Playhouse, local artists and arts organisations to empower young people to develop skills and gain experience in the creative industries.

The Young Curators programme started in 2014, as a Gibberd Gallery project. Over 30 young people have achieved Silver Arts Award by taking part. After a break, the programme has now being relaunched by Amanda Westbury and Nicola Hutchison, in partnership with Harlow Playhouse and Harlow Art Trust. We are grateful to Essex Youth Services and Royal Opera House Bridge for their support.

Empowering young people is at the heart of the project.

“Our confidence has grown and we have become much more hard-working people than we were before. This experience will help us to achieve our dream careers.” – message from two young participants

Amanda and Nicola have recently formed Creative Ways Harlow CIC, a community interest company dedicated to increasing access to the arts and cultural activity and using the power of arts and culture to increase skills, enrich lives and make social impact. They aim to secure the future of the Young Curators project, ensuring it remains free at the point of access to young people from all backgrounds.